5 Albums to Try if You Like Their Singles

I often find that I love different singles I hear on the radio or Spotify but when I listen to the whole album, its a dud. Here are 5 albums that won’t disappoint if you like the band or their radio singles!

Imagine Dragons

We’ve heard Radioactive over and over again till nausea has set in but Imagine Dragons is actually a much better band than just that hit. If you like their radio singles I would recommend their album “Smoke and Mirrors.” There is not a bad song on the album. I like this album because all the songs are sing-able and catchy but also different than every pop song on the radio. The most famous songs from this album are probably “I Bet My Life” and “Polaroid” but my favorite are “Shots”,  and “I’m So Sorry.” This is a great road trip album or get excited album or I’m angry album. The lyrics are witty and well written and better than the repetitive trash that prevails the waves and the itunes top 10. And since Imagine Dragons have a new album coming out this summer, there’s no better time to get to know their older stuff.


Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran songs are fricken everywhere. I’m pretty half and half on his singles. I don’t think I’ll every stop loving “Don’t” but if I have to hear “Photograph” one more time I’m going to smash a window. He really captured my attention with “Shape of You” ,which I could listen to again and again all day, and so I decided to check out the whole album “Divide.” The whole album is pretty fantastic. Ed Sheeran has an incredible song writing ability that is down to earth and provocative. One second, he is singing about eating Doritos on the couch and the next, saving the world with music the next. Something I really like about the album is how many genres it contains. There is the hip/hop, talk/sing songs that Sheeran is known for, Irish folk, 50’s doo-wop, pop ballads and more. Every track is a new type of song. Sheeran’s music really appeals to me because most of it is not floofy, meaningless garbage. It’s deep and meaningful. He writes the kind of lyrics that make you say “wow, that was a cool line!” Now, does he write a lot of love songs? Yes definitely. Maybe too many. But, he puts so much passion into singing the lyrics that I don’t even care. Oh, and get ready to cry when you get to “Supermarket Flowers.” I wasn’t prepared. I would recommend the deluxe version because the 4 extra songs are some of the best on the album. My favorite tracks are probably “Galway Girl”, “Shape of You”, and “New Man.”  So if you like Ed Sheeran and want more, I’d try the Divide Album.


The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Before I met my husband, I knew a total of three Chili Peppers songs: “Dani California”, “Snow” and “Can’t Stop.” The Chili Peppers have so many excellent songs besides the ones you hear on the radio (if you hear any on the radio). Two albums I recommend for the Chili Pepper single lover are “By the Way” and “The Getaway.” “By the Way” was the first Chili Peppers album I listened to straight through and I’ve listened through it a million times since then because it’s so fricken good. It flows so well from one song to the next. Dare I say it’s their Abbey Road? Yes, I dare! “The Getaway” is their newest album and definitely one of their best (though it’s incredibly hard to choose the best). There are few albums I can listen to straight through and never tire of them and this is one of them. I think at any moment if someone put that album (or probably any Chili Peppers album) on the stereo I’d be happy. I think both of these albums will give you a good example of their music. Fair Warning, their music is not always clean. They often swear or include innuendos in their music. “The Getaway” is definitely cleaner than “By the Way.” Give them both a try and see what you think but I bet you’ll find new favorites on both albums.


Owl City

This suggestion comes with caveats. I have loved Owl City since 2009 when I first heard Hello Seattle. I’ve often said that Owl City is my spirit music because I can just listen to it anytime anywhere and it usually lifts my mood. However, this feeling only applies up to his album “All Things Bright and Beautiful.” I pretty much hate everything after that. He has gotten way to Pop-y and cheesy. My recommendations if you are looking for more Owl City are the albums: “Of June” , “Maybe I’m Dreaming”, “Ocean Eyes”, and “All Things Bright and Beautiful.” These albums are fantastic. It’s easy listening that just makes you feel good. Depending on which single you most enjoy, you may like one album over another. If you are a fan of the song “Hello Seattle,” then I would recommend “Of June” or “Maybe I’m Dreaming” since they are from that same era. If you like “Good Time,” I’d start with “Ocean Eyes” or “All Things Bright and Beautiful.” The former 2 albums are a little more indie and the latter are little more pop-y. Who knows, maybe you would like his newest albums. To me, they feel like a huge departure from his earlier work and what I love about his music. I welcome any and all discussions on this matter! Oh, and if you like Owl City but you keep thinking “I wish this was acoustic” then good news! Before he was Owl City, he was Sky Sailing and he put out an album of acoustic music. And surprise, surprise its great!


Cage the Elephant

You probably won’t have heard Cage the Elephant on popular radio (unless you have a pretty cool pop radio station). They are played more often on Alternative radio stations. The only song I knew of theirs was “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” and I never actually heard it on the radio. The singles for their most recent album, which won a Grammy for Best Rock Album, are “Cold, Cold, Cold”, “Trouble”, and “Mess Around.” If you heard any of these and liked them at all, I would recommend the rest of the album: “Tell Me I’m Pretty.” This album is just great. You will love every single song. In fact, when my husband first bought the album, I think we played it on repeat for several weeks. It has a vintage sound mixed with an alternative beat that is infectious. Once you’ve listened to it more than once, every song that comes on you’ll say “Oh I love this one!” If you’ve never heard any Cage the Elephant I would say give them a chance. It’s just good music.


Those are my recommendations! Hopefully you find a new album to keep on repeat! If you have any album suggestions leave a comment below!


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