Random Thoughts on “The Girl Before” by J.P. Delaney

I have been on a murder mystery kick lately and for some reason have no desire to pick up anything else. I heard about “The Girl Before” by J.P. Delaney from one of my favorite podcasts All the Books. The hosts found it hilarious that the book was about a “sadistic architect” who takes control of a girl living in a house he built. They joked about it so much I decided to give it a read.

Each chapter of the book jumps between the accounts of Emma (the girl before?) and Jane (the girl now). I thought this would get confusing at first but its not too hard to distinguish the two. Both girls are “damaged” in some way when they begin living in the house at One Folgate Streeet and as the book progresses each of their pasts is unraveled. Emma recently experienced a burglary at her home that left her scared and Jane recently lost a child. Unfortunately for Emma, she dies while living at One Folgate Street and Jane kind of makes it her mission to figure out what happened. Both girls also fall into a passionate relationship with the (sadistic?) architect of the house.

Let’s start with some things I like about the book. There were definitely a few surprises and unexpected revelations I had while reading. I won’t spoil the book here but I think Emma’s side of the story was definitely where the most twists occurred. Delany’s writing is easy to read and not annoying. The twists that were there were good.……that was a short paragraph.

Ok, here’s the negatives. I wanted more from the plot. All the reviews talk about constant twists and turns that will throw the reader for a loop but I didn’t see them. For the most part I found the plot to be fairly predictable except for the few surprises mentioned above. I never fully bought in to the conceit of the book. In order to move into One Fulgate Street, Emma and Jane had to fill out an outrageously long application that asked them super personal questions. And then the house itself had over 200 rules including that you aren’t allowed to bring hardly anything with you, no pets, you can’t leave anything on the floor, etc. I just don’t think that anyone would be interested in a house like that in real life. At least not normal, down to earth people like the 2 main characters. If I was filling out the application I’d be like “this is creepy I’m not doing this” and once I heard the rules for the house I’d be like “I can’t even bring my books? Nope goodbye!” So since I didn’t find the plot believable, it was hard to get into the book. It took me forever to read this book because I never wanted to pick it back up. In my opinion, it wasn’t the psychological thriller that was promised.

Another aspect of the book I did not enjoy was the graphic descriptions of sex and rape. There was just so much of it and I wasn’t expecting that. Emma’s story especially is extremely sexual and I just didn’t enjoy reading it. Lastly, I was frustrated by the resolution at the end of the book. I felt there was a lot left unanswered about the architect and his part in the stories of Emma and Jane. The ending just wasn’t satisfying enough for me.

Overall I gave this book 3 out of 5 starts and that is probably too high. It wasn’t what I wanted it to be. I would probably recommend it to someone looking for a mystery if it weren’t for all the sex. But hey it was on the NYT Best Sellers list for a good while so what do I know. Have you read this book? Let me know your thoughts!

Random Thoughts on Into the Water (Spoiler Free!)

Well finally, after the critics have called every murder mystery with a female main character “the next Girl on the Train”, we finally have the literal next Girl on the Train! I’ve been excited for this book since I heard it was coming out a few months ago and I had to put it on hold at the library to make sure I got a copy. Pretty sure everyone has been highly anticipating this book since we finished reading Girl on the Train. I’m glad to say, Hawkin’s second book does not disappoint! I am going to keep this review spoiler free since I know many people haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet.

The book started slow for me. Not only that but I was confused for a good while because of the multitude of characters. Almost every chapter introduces a new character’s point of view. I had to keep flipping back to previous chapters to remember who the characters were or figure out if a character had already been introduced. Some of the early character interactions I forgot about as I got further into the book, but Hawkins does a good job of reminding you what happens in those early pages. I probably had all the characters straight in my head by 50 pages in.

The book is written in 4 parts and for a long while, I didn’t know where the book was going. Hawkins introduces all the characters and we just watch them interact. It seemed like, maybe we are just going to watch the fallout from these deaths that occurred at the Drowning Pool, and that would be the end of it. Once I hit Part 2 though, the story picked up. It became clear that there were secrets being kept by many of the characters that were eventually going to be brought to light. Part 3 is the climax of the book where life and death are up in the air for several characters and Part 4 brings the book to a satisfying conclusion. So if you’re like me and you think the beginning is slow, keep going it gets intense!

Hawkins does an incredible job of slowly building the tension in her books. She gives the reader new information little by little, keeping us hooked until the tension builds to a big event. Lianne Moriarty is another author that I think does this really well. Being a music teacher, I liken this book to a great crescendo by a choir. Everyone has to get louder by the same increments at the same time and you can’t get too loud too fast or it ruins it. This book crescendos perfectly so that the excitement I felt at the end of Part 3 felt earned. I felt like I had been working through all the character’s crap with them and I was invested in their fates. One thing I love about Hawkin’s books is that she does a great job of keeping the “bad guys” hidden without smacking you in the face with red herrings. I honestly had no idea who had done what throughout the book. I had my suspicions, but Hawkins didn’t write anything to “trick” me. I think that is a mark of a great mystery writer.

One aspect of the book that I’ll be interested to see how people react to, is how the act of drowning is romanticized. The character Nel,  who is found drowned at the beginning of the book (not a spoiler, that information is on the book jacket), is obsessed with all the women who have died at the Drowning Pool and she is fascinated with the water itself. In my opinion, Hawkins does a good job of balancing the characters opinions of the water. Some hate it and find it dangerous while others find it comforting. Much of the language used in the book makes it seem like it’s a beautiful thing to succumb to the water and drown. However, I think in general, the act of suicide is portrayed as tragic. After seeing how so many people reacted negatively to “13 Reasons Why,” I wonder if anyone will have issues with Into the Water.

Overall, I thought it was a great read. The excellent world building and character development of Hawkins writing style is on full display and done very well. I’m glad that Hawkins is not experiencing a “sophomore slump” with this novel. In fact, I’d say this book is on par with Girl on the Train, and maybe slightly better.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a good murder mystery or just a mystery in general. As with Girl on the Train, be prepared for some course language and just an overall dark tone. I already can’t wait for the next Hawkins book!

Random Thoughts on The Woman in Cabin 10

I’ve really gotten into a groove lately with reading, thanks in part to the books clubs I’m a part of, and so I want to start blogging more about what I’m reading. Recently I read The Woman in Cabin 10 for book club. This book was already a little infamous to me because my husband has been discussing it ( cough cough making fun of it) on his podcast, All The Books, since it hit the best sellers list. I was hoping that it would be a book that sounded silly but actually turned out to be really good…..unfortunately that was not the case. So now I’ll give you my review of the book and then end with my random thoughts I had while reading.

First of all, I didn’t actually read this book, I listened to it. Imagen Church is the narrator of the audio book and I’ve got to say, I hated the way she read the book. It was like she thought the book was written by Shakespeare or Dickens and so every fricken line was drenched in drama. Seriously, at one point there was a line that went something like “ she pulled out her chair and sat down” but the narrator read it like it said “and as she fell to her death, she saw her life flash before her eyes.” It was too much. If you decide to read this book, I do not recommend the audio book.

Because of the narration and the nature of the writing, the book came off to me as just drama for drama’s sake. Obviously, many people have compared this book to Girl on the Train and for good reason. They are both about a British woman who thinks she has witnessed a murder in connection with some sort of transportation. In my eyes, I think this book is in nowhere near the same league as Girl on the Train. To make a comparison: Girl on the Train is like watching a production of Hamlet at the Globe Theater and The Woman is Cabin 10 is like watching the middle school production of Hamlet Jr. Are they the same play? Yes. Are the comparable? Nope.

Let’s talk plot, and yes I am going to get into some spoilers here. The premise of the book always sounded silly to me (thanks a lot All the Books podcast) but I was willing to give it a chance. Regrettably, I found the plot to be very boring. The book starts with Lo waking to find a burglar in her home. This scars her for the rest of the story. We also meet her boyfriend, Judah, and find out they have a rocky relationship. Because we spent so much time in this section, I thought this burglar was going to have something to do with what happens on the boat or that the boyfriend was going to be involved somehow. But no. I was left thinking the boyfriend stuff was unnecessary. I really didn’t care about their relationship and if you had taken the boyfriend out, it wouldn’t have effected anything about the plot.

It took way too long to get to the part where she hears “a body” being thrown overboard. It didn’t happen until disk 3 of the audio book, which is a third of the way through the book! A third! My worries were accurate about the whole premise being silly. I really don’t think Lo would have been able to hear something being thrown off the ship into the water and be able to tell the difference between a body and just waves hitting the boat. Also, Lo says after she hears the splash, she goes to the veranda and looks down and thinks she sees a body under the water…..but how. The boat is moving…. By the time she gets to the veranda, the “body” is going to be behind the boat! It all just seemed very contrived and required the reader to just accept what the author was saying. But I was already annoyed with her writing at that point, so I didn’t.

From here Lo calls the security guard and they talk forever. Then she talks to every single person on the fricken boat and they all tell her the same fricken thing. This goes on for so long. And really, nothing comes of her talking to all these people. She suspects everyone pretty equally. Someone keeps sneaking around and taking Lo’s stuff and writing messages on mirrors but other than that, not much happens. Eventually, Lo annoys people so much that she gets kidnapped and put in a locked room. This also goes on forever. She is seriously stuck in that room for so long. At this point we find out that the woman in cabin 10 is actually a mistress of Lord Bummer-face and that she’s been impersonating his wife, Anne. I didn’t buy this. I mean, “the woman” was wearing a headscarf because she was supposed to have cancer, but I think people would have been able to tell that Anne looked one was on the first night of the trip and then had a brand new fricken face on the second night. I had a feeling towards the beginning that “the woman” and Anne were the same person. Usually, I am horrible at guessing twists, so that fact that I guessed this is not a good sign

Eventually “the woman” lets Lo leave disguised as Anne so she can escape the boat (see above for why I think this wouldn’t work) and Lo ends up falling into the water and swimming to shore. Stuff happens but in the end Lord Bummer-face dies and Lo gets back to her boyfriend. I found this anti-climactic. I was hoping for a showdown between Lo and Lord Bummer-face where she defeats her anxiety and beats him. But no, he just dies at “the woman’s” hand “off screen” as it were. Overall, it felt like nothing happened in this book until the very end. Also, the book was written in like 9 parts….why?!? Unnecessary!!

My dislike for the main character, Lo, knows no bounds. It was not made clear to me that she had an anxiety issue until over halfway through the book. Every fricken exchange she had with someone she acted like she had been living on a deserted island for her whole life and she was now having her first interaction with people. It was so bad, I wondered how she even held or job, let alone functioned as an investigative journalist! The author wrote “I said awkwardly” or “ I said lamely” after everything Lo said. She couldn’t talk to anyone like a normal person! The narrator did not help this situation. Later, when I finally realized she had an anxiety problem, her actions made more sense, but it was too much. And, there was no character arc! Lo didn’t make any strides with her anxiety! In the end, she was just as much of a basket case as when she started. I wish the book had started with her getting on the boat and then later we find out that earlier in her life she had had a traumatic experience with a burglar that had adversely affected her. I didn’t believe Lo’s experience at the beginning of the book was enough to make her act as spastic as she did.

Lastly, I’d like to comment on the writing. I don’t think I’ve ever read a more repetitive book. She repeated everything a million times!! Lo went over and over what she knew about the woman in cabin 10 every couple paragraphs, she kept talking about how awkward she was, she kept forgetting what had happened to her hours before and then suddenly remembering, She kept saying she was tired and needed sleep, she kept referring to the room she was locked in as a coffin, she kept talking about drinking or needing a drink or how drunk she was, and she kept saying “something rushed over her” like “fear rushed over me”, “panic rushed over me”. “guilt rushed over me like a wave.” Seriously go back and count! I can’t believe an editor let this book be published. It comes off as lazy writing. At least come up with different descriptors! I obviously will not be reading more of Ruth Ware’s books.

Whew….rant over! Felt good to get that out of my system. I leave you with my random thoughts I had while listening to the audio book. Please leave comments and let me know what you think of this book!

  • This girl (Lo) is kind of a baby
  • I could care less about this boyfriend
  • The narrator’s Brooklyn accent sounds like a British person doing a Brooklyn accent
  • What? She drinks? Who is she? The Girl on the Train?!?
  • Is she schizophrenic? The narrator is making it sound like a second personality every time she hears from the “voice in the back of her head”
  • This fight with the boyfriend is very contrived
  • He (Judah) has apologized for being gone so much but then when she yells at him about it he says “where did this come from?”
  • Why won’t Lo go to the “next step” with Judah? Never explained!!
  • If she says she needs to sleep on more time……
  • She seems dumb! Like every reaction is “What?! Oh?! *Awkward Gawking*”
  • Since when is Lo a nickname for Laura?
  • The security guard’s accent is either Scottish or Canadian?! Those are in no way similar!
  • These numbers don’t add up. How are there only like 12 staff on the boat?
  • She needs to just bust out of this locked room. Why would she just sit there?!

5 Albums to Try if You Like Their Singles

I often find that I love different singles I hear on the radio or Spotify but when I listen to the whole album, its a dud. Here are 5 albums that won’t disappoint if you like the band or their radio singles!

Imagine Dragons

We’ve heard Radioactive over and over again till nausea has set in but Imagine Dragons is actually a much better band than just that hit. If you like their radio singles I would recommend their album “Smoke and Mirrors.” There is not a bad song on the album. I like this album because all the songs are sing-able and catchy but also different than every pop song on the radio. The most famous songs from this album are probably “I Bet My Life” and “Polaroid” but my favorite are “Shots”,  and “I’m So Sorry.” This is a great road trip album or get excited album or I’m angry album. The lyrics are witty and well written and better than the repetitive trash that prevails the waves and the itunes top 10. And since Imagine Dragons have a new album coming out this summer, there’s no better time to get to know their older stuff.


Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran songs are fricken everywhere. I’m pretty half and half on his singles. I don’t think I’ll every stop loving “Don’t” but if I have to hear “Photograph” one more time I’m going to smash a window. He really captured my attention with “Shape of You” ,which I could listen to again and again all day, and so I decided to check out the whole album “Divide.” The whole album is pretty fantastic. Ed Sheeran has an incredible song writing ability that is down to earth and provocative. One second, he is singing about eating Doritos on the couch and the next, saving the world with music the next. Something I really like about the album is how many genres it contains. There is the hip/hop, talk/sing songs that Sheeran is known for, Irish folk, 50’s doo-wop, pop ballads and more. Every track is a new type of song. Sheeran’s music really appeals to me because most of it is not floofy, meaningless garbage. It’s deep and meaningful. He writes the kind of lyrics that make you say “wow, that was a cool line!” Now, does he write a lot of love songs? Yes definitely. Maybe too many. But, he puts so much passion into singing the lyrics that I don’t even care. Oh, and get ready to cry when you get to “Supermarket Flowers.” I wasn’t prepared. I would recommend the deluxe version because the 4 extra songs are some of the best on the album. My favorite tracks are probably “Galway Girl”, “Shape of You”, and “New Man.”  So if you like Ed Sheeran and want more, I’d try the Divide Album.


The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Before I met my husband, I knew a total of three Chili Peppers songs: “Dani California”, “Snow” and “Can’t Stop.” The Chili Peppers have so many excellent songs besides the ones you hear on the radio (if you hear any on the radio). Two albums I recommend for the Chili Pepper single lover are “By the Way” and “The Getaway.” “By the Way” was the first Chili Peppers album I listened to straight through and I’ve listened through it a million times since then because it’s so fricken good. It flows so well from one song to the next. Dare I say it’s their Abbey Road? Yes, I dare! “The Getaway” is their newest album and definitely one of their best (though it’s incredibly hard to choose the best). There are few albums I can listen to straight through and never tire of them and this is one of them. I think at any moment if someone put that album (or probably any Chili Peppers album) on the stereo I’d be happy. I think both of these albums will give you a good example of their music. Fair Warning, their music is not always clean. They often swear or include innuendos in their music. “The Getaway” is definitely cleaner than “By the Way.” Give them both a try and see what you think but I bet you’ll find new favorites on both albums.


Owl City

This suggestion comes with caveats. I have loved Owl City since 2009 when I first heard Hello Seattle. I’ve often said that Owl City is my spirit music because I can just listen to it anytime anywhere and it usually lifts my mood. However, this feeling only applies up to his album “All Things Bright and Beautiful.” I pretty much hate everything after that. He has gotten way to Pop-y and cheesy. My recommendations if you are looking for more Owl City are the albums: “Of June” , “Maybe I’m Dreaming”, “Ocean Eyes”, and “All Things Bright and Beautiful.” These albums are fantastic. It’s easy listening that just makes you feel good. Depending on which single you most enjoy, you may like one album over another. If you are a fan of the song “Hello Seattle,” then I would recommend “Of June” or “Maybe I’m Dreaming” since they are from that same era. If you like “Good Time,” I’d start with “Ocean Eyes” or “All Things Bright and Beautiful.” The former 2 albums are a little more indie and the latter are little more pop-y. Who knows, maybe you would like his newest albums. To me, they feel like a huge departure from his earlier work and what I love about his music. I welcome any and all discussions on this matter! Oh, and if you like Owl City but you keep thinking “I wish this was acoustic” then good news! Before he was Owl City, he was Sky Sailing and he put out an album of acoustic music. And surprise, surprise its great!


Cage the Elephant

You probably won’t have heard Cage the Elephant on popular radio (unless you have a pretty cool pop radio station). They are played more often on Alternative radio stations. The only song I knew of theirs was “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” and I never actually heard it on the radio. The singles for their most recent album, which won a Grammy for Best Rock Album, are “Cold, Cold, Cold”, “Trouble”, and “Mess Around.” If you heard any of these and liked them at all, I would recommend the rest of the album: “Tell Me I’m Pretty.” This album is just great. You will love every single song. In fact, when my husband first bought the album, I think we played it on repeat for several weeks. It has a vintage sound mixed with an alternative beat that is infectious. Once you’ve listened to it more than once, every song that comes on you’ll say “Oh I love this one!” If you’ve never heard any Cage the Elephant I would say give them a chance. It’s just good music.


Those are my recommendations! Hopefully you find a new album to keep on repeat! If you have any album suggestions leave a comment below!

Top Movies of 2016

What a year, huh?

Lots of crazy crap has happened this year but we did manage to get some good movies!Here’s my list of my Top Five Movies of the Year. Keep in mind, I know these probably aren’t the “best” movies of the year, but they are my favorites! Warning: Spoilers for all these movies

5.  The Legend of Tarzan


This one took me completely by surprise. I expected it to be just another failed action movie with little to no plot and bad acting but I was incredibly surprised! Margot Robbie , who lost my favor after Suicide Squad, earned it back with an excellent performance. She’s the damsel in some ways but she’s also a strong female lead. Christoph Waltz is great as usual. I can’t think of a single movie where he doesn’t excel. Alexander Skarsgard was a name I had heard before, but I had never seen him as a lead. He plays Tarzan well. He’s broody but also shows the characters clear passion for Africa and his wife. Oh yeah and Sam L Jackson is in it! Also great!

This movie has a little bit of everything. Action, romance, mystery and of course, hot people running through the jungle. It has a clear plot that makes sense and is easy to follow. Best of all, its not an origin story. We get a little bit of Tarzan’s past and flash backs to his life in the Jungle, but it doesn’t bash you over the head with it. It seemed like those scenes were included to show why the character of Tarzan acts the way he does, not to treat the audience like they need to be told who Tarzan is. I mean really, who hasn’t seen the Disney movie? If you’re reading this and you haven’t seen it, first, send a letter of apology to Phil Collins and then proceed to Netflix immediately.

So to the shock of my husband, and probably others, The Legend of Tarzan makes my top five of the year. It is what it is.

4. Captain America: Civil War


This movie was great!

I mean, we all knew it would be, but still.

For the big fight at the airfield alone, this movie is in my top 5. That scene was exactly what all the fans wanted. In the grand scheme of things, I haven’t been into comic books for that long (4-5 years) and I definitely have not read all there is to read about the members of the Avengers, so I am no expert. However, as a fan, I found this movie to be very satisfying. We got the fun Spider-Man we’ve never seen before (no disrespect to Toby Macguire cause those movies are great) and we got Giant Man! And Black Panther! And remember when they were all having a car chase through tunnels and stuff? And remember when Rhody fell out of the sky and no one caught him?!? I gasped aloud!

Lots of great scenes making a great movie!

3.  La La Land


This one snuck in right at the end of the year and I almost didn’t see it in 2016. I am a sucker for Musicals and for Ryan Gosling and for Romance so….this movie had my number. La La Land is thoughtful. It pays homage to the great musicals of the 50’s and 60’s without throwing it in your face “Hey, remember this from Singing in the Rain?” None of the songs were throw aways or just a pleasant beat. The lyrics for each were clever and thought provoking. There were two themes that kept returning throughout the film that were haunting and beautiful and elicited a lot of emotion from me. And of course, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are just so incredibly pleasant to watch together. Seriously, I could watch them just hang out for hours.

This is an instant classic for me that will be added to my collection of musicals toot sweet!

2. Rogue One


You may want to sit down for this, but….I actually like this more than Force Awakens….

This movie is everything I love about the original trilogy presented in a modern way. The tone was so spot on, it felt like it could have been filmed by Lucas 40 years ago. X-wings, TIE fighters, Vader, Tarkin, the list goes on. Force Awakens had a lot of call backs, but they were a little too on the nose. It was very “Hey remember A New Hope? Here’s that same premise!” Rogue One, I think ,was a little more subtle and as a result it just felt like a Star Wars movie.

A lot of people aren’t liking this movie for some reason. Something about not enough character development? I don’t get it. They were developed enough for me that I was sad when they died but I guess I’m in the minority there. Also, just got to say I was fine with the CGI Tarkin and Leah and I thought they really pulled it off.

If you love classic Star Wars, you should love this movie. And I do!

1.  Hunt for the Wilder People


This movie was definitely not as big as Rogue One or Civil War, but it is spectacular. Taika Waititi has very quickly become one of my favorite directors (He also directed What We Do in the Shadows! You can read my review here: Halloween Team 2015: Psycho and What We Do in the Shadows). I really don’t want to give anything away about the plot because you really just need to watch it. Its hilarious and heartwarming and fun. After we watched it, I literally turned to my husband and said “I can’t think of one thing wrong with that movie.”

So….just watch it!


Some close runners up include:

Star Trek Beyond

Magnificent Seven

Doctor Strange


Well, there’s my list! Probably a weird one but I’ve accepted that. I would love to hear about your Top Movies of 2016 or if you agree or disagree with my list so comment below!

Be on the lookout for my Most Anticipated Movies of 2017!

Halloween Team 2015: Psycho and What We Do in the Shadows

Hey ya’ll! Super behind in getting this blog out so we are going to double up and talk about two movies! The week of Halloween we watched Sally’s pick, the classic Hitchcock film Psycho, and on Halloween we watched Eric’s pick: What We Do in the Shadows. I really enjoyed both of them!

The first time I “watched” Psycho, I was sitting next to Eric while he watched in on his computer with his headphones in and I did homework next to him. I tried not to watch it but failed several times and so I had seen the famous shower scene and some clips from the end. Since I had already kind of watched and knew the ending, I was ok with watching it again. It was actually a really good movie. All us girls commented on how likable the guy planing Normand Bates was! Like very likeable! But crazy. So so crazy. Head some famous lines that I did not realize were from the movie like “a boy’s best friend is his mother.” I’m glad I finally watched it all the way through since it is such a classic and it was actually really enjoyable to watch. Am I afraid to take showers now? Yes. Am I afraid of roadside motels? Yes but who isnt? We realized that throughout our Halloween watch-a-thon we watched 3 movies with schizophrenics and 2 movies with creepy motels. Quite the pattern.

What We Do in the Shadows was absolutely hilarious. If you don’t know, the movie is a mock-umentary that follows a group of vampires that live together. I initially wanted to watch it because Jemaine Darby and Rhys Darby from the show Flight of the Conchords are in it. Jemaine is one of the main vampires and Rhys is a werewolf. The whole movie was non-stop laughs. I won’t write any of the jokes here but trust me there were lots of them. All the vampires are kind of idiots which just makes it funnier. if you’re a fan of mock-umentarys you will enjoy it.

Overall a successful Halloween season! Now…..CHRISTMAS!!

Halloween Team 2015: Part 4: Identity

Hey guys! Guess what! 4 movies in and next week is Halloween! This week was Hilary’s pick and she went with the slasher thriller from 2003: Identity.

I had no idea what this movie was about going in so that made me quite nervous! The movie follows a group of characters who all end up stranded at a Motel during a torrential downpour in the night. We have a Hollywood actress and her Driver (John Cusack), A Father (John C. McGinley of Scrubs fame), Mother and son, a random couple, a prostitute (Amanda Peet) , A Cop (Ray Liota) and his prisoner (Jake Busey) and the Motel Manager. Since this is a scary movie of course people start dying. The characters keep finding keys with numbers next the the dead starting with the number 10 and going down.

I will admit my heart was pounding pretty heavily the entire movie. You think you know who the killer is but it keeps changing. Of course these people did everything you are not supposed to do in a horror movie. The walked around in the dark by themselves, they split up instead of staying in a group, classic stuff.  Actually at one point they Ray Liota’s Charachter declares that for the rest of the night no one is leaving the room. That lasts for a little bit.

Once you figure out what is actually going on you are like “well of course” but until then get ready for confusion. Eric said that after you figure out the ending it becomes less tense but I didn’t think so and the very end was a surprise. I give it two thumbs up for a Halloween pick! It was scary while I was watching it but didn’t scare me afterwards. The poster actually makes it look way scarier than it is. We had a good time watching it though I think I was talking to the tv a little more than the rest of the team would have liked. Good cast, good flick, good pick!

This week we are doubling up wit Sally and Eric’s picks to finish off the Halloween season!